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CENA Technical's team of highly trained corrosion engineers and technicians provide a wide diversity of experience in corrosion control. Our knowledgeable staff is accredited by the national Association of Corrosion Engineers in a wide spectrum of certifications ranging
from 'Corrosion Technicians' to Corrosion Specialists'. Our expertise is based on CENA Tech's intense involvement in Designing, Installing, Commissioning, Monitoring and Maintaining of Cathodic Protection Systems. This includes Cathodic Protection Systems for Pipelines/Gas-lines, Flow Stations/Manifolds, Power Plants, Fuel Storage Terminals, Tank Farms, Marine Docks, Ships, Marine Vessels, Jetties, and Sheet Pilings.  
CENA TECHNICAL LIMITED, proven & trusted leader in Cathodic Protection & Corrosion  Control.
Our experience has included complete Cathodic Protection work on:
Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Pipelines, Offshore Platforms, Well Casings, above/below ground fuel storage tanks and more...

Products and Services include:
Complete Cathodic Protection Material Procurements and Supplies, Cathodic Protection Engineering, Design and Construction
Cathodic Protection Consultancy, Inspection and Maintenance.

Cathodic Protection lnstallation on Oil & Gas Flowlines.

Pipeline Close Interval Survey, Cell-to-Cell Surveys, Annual test Point Survey, Periodic Rectifier Maintenance, Interference Surveys, Leak Detection Surveys, Plants and Refinery Surveys, Offshore Platforms Corrosion Survey, Electronic In-Line Surveys